Tajemný objekt se zřítil poblíž San Antonia
29.4.2017 se něco podivného dělo nad Texasem.


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  • When: April 29th, 2017
  • Where: Near San Antonio
  • What: Smoky trail, object or meteor has possibly crashed

5/2 4:06 PM: So far, still no official word form local officials or media (still trying to track one down), but many online and even Atlanta’s chief meteorologist Glenn Burns have shared their thoughts with TexasUFOs about the event. Burns believes it could have been an aircraft dumping fuel. Others still think the „UFO“ could be a meteor or aircraft crashing, or even a simple jet with a contrail (passing through cold, moist air). Others have even commented that this event could be an example of a „chemtrail“ plane exploding! What do you think?


5/1 8:56 AM: As of this morning, there has still been no official word on what was seen in the San Antonio area. It appears that if the object was a plane, it may have been crashing, as many witnesses reported seeing the object on fire and falling. Meteor or space junk is still not being ruled out, to the similar sighting reported in Louisiana. As well, a fireball like this may also have been seen in Australiathe same day.

Ona from Bandera writes „We just saw the white trail and wondered what it was. It looked like the sky was „parting“. A few minutes later, there was another one. „

Britt writes „Like a fire rod down spiraling“

Fireballs reported over Denton, Texas same day
4/30 12:29 PM: A new theory is that planet Earth got a sneak peak of the Eta Aquariid meteor shower, expected to arrive May 5th or 6th. So far, other theories include a meteor or aircraft crashing, a „chemtrail“ plane gone awry, a satellite re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere, a weather event (like a rare type of tornado), and a simple plane with a contrail (or perhaps dumping fuel or something else).

4/30 11:39 AM: Rumors are still swirling online as to what was seen in the Texas sky (and possibly in Louisiana and other parts of the country, too). Some even speculate the cause may not be so innocent. No news about the sighting has been released yet by the media or government officials.

430 8:24 AM: Some online are suggesting this could be „space junk,“ specifically the re-entry of SL-14 Rocket Body that was predicted to re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere on April 27th, while others insist this was simply a plane flying.

11:31 PM Update: A new photo of the San Antonio sighting has been taken by another witness, and shared with TexasUFOs. SaraT described seeing „Burning fire falling out of (the) sky“ at 8:10 PM this evening:


A Facebook fan also took a photo of the event, and suggested that the photo shows jets approaching the falling object:

10:31 PM Update: According to a YouTube video uploaded today, a similar event may also have been seen in Louisiana (though, still confirming details):
10 PM Update: Some online are speculating the event could be weather related (perhaps a sandstorm or tornado), or could even be a product of geoengineering.

Original story

According to a recent video shared on Twitter, an object or craft appears to have crashed near San Antonio. Could this be a meteor, crashing plane, UFO, downed satellite, or some weird weather phenomenon (perhaps a type of tornado)? Did you see this today in the Texas sky? According to the witness, „It looked like a bomb coming down.“ Report it!


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